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American English as a Second Language

CERTIFICATE OF MASTERY: American Heritage College awards the Certificate of Mastery in American English as a Second Language to students who successfully complete all the required courses for the program.

PROGRAM PREREQUISITES: No prerequisites.  



Level 1: The first level designed for beginners or so-called “False Beginners” will teach basic conversation skills utilizing Book 1 (11 courses).  

Level 2: High Beginners level will teach more complex sentence patterns utilizing Book 2 (10 courses) and Book 3 (10 courses).    

Level 3: Continuation of Level 2 using Book 3 (10 courses).    


Level 4 and Level 5: This Level will teach advanced conversation skills utilizing Book 4 (10 courses) and Book 5 (10 courses)


Level 6, Level 7, Level 8: The High Intermediate Level will teach more advanced skills to initiate and conclude conversations in daily social situations utilizing Book 6 (10 courses), Book 7 (10 courses) and Book 8 (10 courses).

This course is Campus based


15 To 15 Weeks

Part Time


3000 USD

No any Campus information available !!

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